From Inception to Profits

Lean Venture Operation

Our Value Proposition

We drive real P&L improvements. We specialize in Fundraising, Strategy and Business Development, Corporate Finance, Operations and G&A optimization projects.

Unlike other top-heavy organizations with several layers of partners who inflate costs while offering relatively little in terms of value to the client. We are cost effective and fast. Our fees are among the most competitive in the industry that give you a quick ROI.

We do not lead our engagements with inexperienced staff. Ventus consultants are well-respected in the industry. We take pride in our ability to gain trust from all levels of the organization.

Our Advantages

We are thorough, experienced professionals in shaping company strategy. We have direct knowledge in Strategy Creation and Implementation, and other business functions that are typically more complex.

We do not have layers of partners and managers that bill to your engagement without contributing. We do not build wasteful overhead into our prices. We have competitive professional fees, with a unique structure which enhances your return on investment.

Experienced, senior consultants, not entry-level trainees, work with you on every project. We work in cooperation with your staff. Our collaborative approach ensures that the impetus for change comes from deep within the organization.

We focus on your bottom line.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on five foundational principles. These principles are inherent in everything we do. Our Engagement Framework is built on them and provides the platform used to consistently deliver bottom line results.

  • Experience - Multidisciplinary experience across diverse industries 
  • Profitable - Profitability through trusted business practices
  • Execution - Proven methodologies that drive bottom-line
  • Measurable - Strong expertise in critical KPIs
  • Sustainable - Strategic and Financial management for operational excellence