Operational & Finance Reporting

Reports generated to the Board of the Directors, at best tend to be highly polished information meant to influence decision making and at worse, inadequate for making informed decisions. We work with the management team in customizing our Board Reporting package that covers all elements of corporate reporting including Financial, Operational, and Key Project Assessments.

Audit Advocacy & Reporting

Audit costs can be substantial for companies, even if the audit is clean and no issues are reported in the Auditors Report. If there are issues, the overall cost can increase dramatically as lawyers, tax professionals and others, get involved that may affect valuation.

The audit preparation process requires the coordinated efforts of both internal team members and the auditing firm. We help guide the company finance teams and external auditing team by suggesting a process to better manage resources, organize auditing tasks into phases, and track dependencies. In our experience, audit costs can be reduced by as much as 50 percent when the audit process itself is overseen by a third party, with many ancillary benefits, such as improved internal audit trails and audit files.

Transactions & Progress Reporting

At a critical time for evaluating M&A or other strategic business transactions, we work closely with the management team for full life-cycle engagement for data room assembly, due diligence support, deal parameters analysis, progress reporting, compliance, and close.  We specialize in helping our clients maximize the value of transactions by carefully managing the process from strategic planning with executives and the board, executing and managing all data requirements, planning and reviewing management presentations, and negotiating with buyers. We clearly articulate the process to management and the board, and manage the selling, or buying process to maximize value.