Customer Development Focus Program

The key starting point to operational enhancement is to thoroughly understand the customer and the requirements. We are experts at helping you understand the voice of your customers and we work closely with our clients to identify key focus areas that drive customer satisfaction and ultimately further promote your products and services.

Our Customer Focus Program provides a simple and effective way to solicit feedback from your Customers that is easily understood, executable and measurable.

We use and implement the latest methodology such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) in customer management research.

A company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) is calculated by subtracting the % of Promoter (9’s and 10’s) from the % of Detractors (0 through 6) to give the company a Net Promoter Score (NPS). The results of the Net Promoter survey provide a baseline KPI by which the company can measure its performance directly against customer feedback.

Key to our Customer Focus Program is the operational execution in improving the company’s Net Promoter Score. The results of the Net Promoter Survey are reviewed, categorized and then quantified into the top 5 – 10 “Critical Few” issues and become a key input to the Voice of Customer (VOC) Dashboard.

Net Promoter Surveys are conducted and measured against KPI’s on a quarterly basis.

Sales and Solution Delivery Program

Our Sales and Solutions Delivery Framework provides a scalable, efficient, repeatable process to win sales and successfully deliver quality products and services. This process requires close collaboration with sales, the customer, and the Solutions Delivery team, and key touch points across the organization.

The framework covers the entire customer lifecycle, from the moment a customer is qualified, to the successful installation of products and services, while providing a smooth transition to customer service, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction throughout the life cycle, and ultimately a referral client.

Solutions Delivery Framework ensures customers are qualified during the sales cycle and that business requirements are scoped and understood up front. This results in less time to configure and implement the products, and minimize downstream application customizations and costs. The Solutions Delivery Framework  defines the entire process that avoids re-inventing the wheel each time a potential customer is identified.

The Solutions Delivery Framework provides a Cross-Functional platform that brings clarity to key roles and clear accountability which is critical to successfully delivering products and services to customers. In addition, we help you synthesize the Voice of Customer “Critical Few” requirements with input from the Product Leadership Team, to establish executable Product Releases that make up a company’s product strategy and roadmap.