Strategic Planning

There is no single “best practice” for how to do successful strategic planning. The timing and process will differ depending on industry, market pressures, and the size and culture of the business.

Our methodology focuses on the process of strategy rather than the strategy itself. Good strategic process is in and of itself a competitive advantage.

We bring clarity and organized process to the most complex issues facing top management. Our goal is to find solutions and recognize opportunities within the context of a strategic process that will return winning competitive positions, and result in superior returns over time.

Shared Vision and Values

The discipline of Shared Value has the potential to help your organization perform to its highest potential by leveraging your strengths to form a common purpose that is well defined, well understood, and easily communicated among all employees.

We help the leaders in the organization to develop a forward looking “Shared Value”. Participation from all levels of management ensures expertise from the entire organization is utilized and discussed collectively. The collaborative nature of the program builds ownership and consensus while significantly raising participant’s commitment to the team as well as various aspects and points of view of other team members. The end result is a much stronger, positive that has ownership by the entire leadership team.

We work with your Executive Team in the collaborative development of a “Shared Vision” for your company that is achievable in the next one to three years. Critical success factors are discussed until there is shared consensus, or until key issues are clearly understood so key decisions can be made.

Our key differentiation is in the execution of your “Shared Vision”. We develop associated financial and operational Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to assess the company’s execution. KPI’s reports are developed, analyzed and presented to the Executive team on a quarterly and annual basis.

The tangible benefits of our Shared Vision Program are:

  • An inspirational Shared Vision that fosters collaboration and empowered teamwork.
  • Increase in knowledge and understanding of the overall business by the entire leadership team
  • Ownership, buy-in and commitment to delivering on the company vision.
  • Stronger leadership by articulating the Shared Vision to their team members from a place of knowledge and understanding.
  • Clearly defined Corporate Objectives and KPI’s that are aligned with the Shared Vision of the company, enabling the team to cohesively execute the vision and measure results.

Financial Strategic Planning

We believe a Strategic Plan is not complete without the support of a comprehensive Financial Strategy that provides the foundational support required to build high performance organizations.

We specialize in helping clients build a comprehensive Financial Management Strategy that is congruent with the current overall Corporate Strategy. We work with management teams to complete the following:

  • Conduct strategic financial planning sessions that consider current financial state of the company, growth plans, market opportunity, and use of capital, company valuation, M&A options, exit strategy and timing.
  • We develop a proper financing strategy that supports the overall corporate strategy, objectives of management, investors and other key stakeholders.
  • We develop a financing plan that is executable with realistic goals and objectives consistent with the corporate strategy.