Finance departments are facing more demands than ever before. With the current regulatory environment, complex system considerations including interoperability of disparate software packages, external and internal reporting needs, governmental and regulatory requirements, board and executive level reporting, and other expectations, overwhelm many finance departments. This places increasing workloads and demands on employees, which often leads to high turnover rates, costly transitional periods, and little time to focus on improving processes, reviewing systems, and training. Our Financial Reporting service addresses the core functions of the finance department. more


Our Company Excellence Program is designed to help organizations deliver on the company’s Shared Vision and Corporate Strategy through the development and execution of Corporate, Departmental and Individual Goals and Objectives.

The program begins by working with the Executive Team to define and agree upon 3-4 Corporate Objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that are critical to success, while ensuring alignment with the Corporate Strategy and Shared Vision of the company. Departmental and Individual objectives are then developed with the leaders, managers and key contributors creating direct alignment with the Corporate Objectives. more

Customer Focus

The key starting point to operational enhancement is to thoroughly understand the customer and the requirements. We are experts at helping you understand the voice of your customers and we work closely with our clients to identify key focus areas that drive customer satisfaction and ultimately further promote your products and services.

Our Customer Focus Program provides a simple and effective way to solicit feedback from your Customers that is easily understood, executable and measurable. more