Operational Excellence Program

Our Company Excellence Program is designed to help organizations deliver on the company’s Shared Vision and Corporate Strategy through the development and execution of Corporate, Departmental and Individual Goals and Objectives.

The program begins by working with the Executive Team to define and agree upon 3-4 Corporate Objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that are critical to success, while ensuring alignment with the Corporate Strategy and Shared Vision of the company. Departmental and Individual objectives are then developed with the leaders, managers and key contributors creating direct alignment with the Corporate Objectives.

A key differentiator of our program is the methodologies that drive execution deep into your organization. We work with the Executive Team and Key Managers to help them establish and professionally facilitate weekly operational excellence meetings that ensure the right priorities are being progressed and obstacles are removed to ensure successful delivery of the team’s objectives.

Operational KPI Reports are developed and reviewed on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to assess overall performance and make any necessary adjustments.