Board Excellence

Our board excellence program provides Board support and Board Reporting assistance in matters of day to day financial operation and strategic choices confronted by your company.

Board Support

Our board support programs are designed to enhance the day-to-day activities of the board and its committees by providing on-going expert support to management team for the board members ranging from Operational, Finance, Administrative support, as well as corporate risk assessment, and finally, policy and procedure review, assessments and update.

Risk Assessment & Reporting – Best practices require at least an annual risk assessment, however most management teams struggle with designing a risk assessment that is appropriate for the company, and in finding the time to perform the work required for a quality review. Our Risk assessments are customized for the needs of your company. The Risk assessment ensures that all important areas of oversight are being addressed and critical issues are being raised to the Executive management and Board in a timely and orderly fashion.

Board Reporting

Our Board Reporting programs allow for improved information to reach the Board in an unbiased way that improves the overall usefulness of tracked metrics and data-driven decision making. more