Strategic Business Development

We work with the management team and our extensive network of advisers to develop market access strategies for your technology and products. We work with you to do a deep dive analysis of the technology, products and the end markets. We devise Go to Market plans and mechanisms to track progress. We directly engage with complementary companies in local and international markets who can help expand your access to the end customers. We have been incredibly successful in striking multi-million dollar business relationships for clients and are well versed in international business practices and joint ventures. Although we have an excellent network of companies with a broad reach into numerous sectors of the economy, our success is a function of our strategic planning methodology that address what happens before, during, and after business relationships are formed.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

We advise clients on all stages of a merger or acquisition, from defining strategy, to successfully closing the deal. We specialize in acquisitions in the mid-market, and with our extensive network of contacts, can help our clients identify suitable targets. We work closely with professional valuators and bankers taking into consideration multiple valuation methods as well as general market conditions, and perform detailed analysis to appropriately advise our clients, and to ensure they have all relevant information prior to entering a process.

We specialize in helping our clients maximize the value of divestitures by carefully managing the process from strategic planning with executives and the board, executing and managing all data requirements, planning and reviewing management presentations, and negotiating with buyers. We clearly articulate the process to management and the board, and carefully manage the selling process to maximize value.